Three decades serving the industry

Established in 1991, Professional Market Research, Inc. is an enterprise engaged in full-service market research, specialized in Store Audits, Customer Research and Electronic Voting Systems, conducted with careful quality and cost controls by highly qualified professionals.

30 years making information productive

After decades of work and achievements in the Puerto Rico Food Industry, Mr. Enrique A. Cabrero Morell created a novel measurement concept that led to the development of the Market Audit Tool (MAT), and with it, he founded PMR. With this tool, a team of highly trained and specialized market auditors observes the availability of products in the shelf where this information then flows to the supplier and retailer to work together on sales opportunities.
In 2009, PMR achieved great technological developments with a new platform called PMR SAMP-LINK which allowed constant interaction through report generators. This facilitated the development of new markets such as the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and Puerto Rico.
For 30 years, PMR has been recognized as the creators and awareness makers of Out-of-Stock (OOS) / On Shelf Availability (OSA) measurement, making thousands of brands work on improving the net distribution and availability of products in the shelf.
At PMR, we continue to stand out for innovation, as a development engine for the industry, while maintaining our values, principles and honesty, to meet the needs of our customers.
The work of PMR in the industry helps our suppliers to be more efficient and achieve the best possible service to the Store, being a key part of the process of supplying the shlef and managing spaces for the store by assuring product availability.
In addition to its successes in this Industry, PMR offers market research and electronic voting services which are currently used in the Puerto Rico Legislature. One of a kind, eVote is a great addition to our democratic system. Furthermore the voting process is a key differentiator for all PMR focus groups and other research capabilities.
Likewise, as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration, PMR continues to work on the evolution of the company and on technological developments, such as; the launch of a new corporate identity and the introduction of a new unified platform called IntelliShelf.
IntelliShelf brings together all the tools previously known by the industry and customers, with other functions and new capabilities, which will provide more data and benefits to our customers resulting in increased sales by improving product availability and other key metrics.