About Us

Professional Market Research, Inc. (PMR) services are designed to identify market opportunities that will help our client’s business grow.
In 1991, founder Mr. Enrique A. Cabrero understood the need to provide actionable and reliable on-premise data, store and product specific from a consumer point of view. This process was created under the supervision of a LATAM teams from multinational companies.
Using a computerized data gathering operation software, developed in-house and copyrighted by PMR, under the name Market Audit Tool (MAT ©), our specialized and well trained data gathering professionals observe the product incidence on shelf, count total category facings, identify and count each audited product facings and collect pricing information.
Today PMR main service called IntelliShelf enables the continuous interaction between users and the the shelf to rapidly view trends and see important behavior for decision making.

PMR Mission Statement

We are a family owned technology and research company that specializes in consumer research, electronic voting, and trade marketing execution metrics such as product availability and out of stocks.