Custom Research

At PMR, we provide the highest quality of service available for your research needs. Infocus offers exceptional focus group facilities. Our Focus Group Suites are equipped with the latest state of the art sound and video recording equipment. Our Client’s Suite is nicely arranged so our clients can enjoy themselves comfortably as they observe the focus groups developing through our one-way mirrors.
Also, PMR has not hesitated in using technology on the implementation of its Research Projects by investing and executing efficient data integration and live display of the session voting processes. Through our Option Finder technology, we can integrate qualitative and quantitative projects in order to provide the most insight and data analysis in the market.

Interactivity For Quantitative Analysis

Accelerate data collection – Collect data from dozens (even hundreds) of participants in a fraction of the time it would take with standard survey instruments.
Automatically process data – Polling results are instantly tabulated, saving the time and cost of manual compilation. Polling results can be instantly reviewed by participant demographics (gender, age groups, etc.).
Display real-time results – Polling results are displayed instantly, providing immediate insight into the group’s opinions.


Ad-hoc studies allow our client to implement customized field
surveys to capture important information such as:
At Professional Market Research we are committed to providing the best quality service
at the best business environment available in order to meet your research needs.

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