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IntelliShelf is a renewed and intelligent platform that brings you the power of timely data to improve efficiency and detect opportunities at the point of sale.

PMR IntelliShelf is a combination of technological infrastructure developed over 30 years, where it allows us to connect with the shelf to understand fluctuations in the presence of products, availability, promotions, space, among other metrics.

After major advances in information capture and intelligence programming with the shelf, not only can we provide accurate data that helps our customers and all stakeholders, but now PMR IntelliShelf has the ability to directly integrate with any order system to manage to execute the opportunities in shelf.

With PMR IntelliShelf your company can identify and execute sales opportunities that help improve your product and brand at the most important place in the distribution chain, the shelf.

PMR IntelliShelf is a combination of platforms that achieves the interconnection of stakeholders (brand, distributor, supermarket) to achieve optimal execution of the point of sale.

Our technology foundation comes from per-store planogram intelligence data, combined with in-rack photo capture and auditing systems to together achieve a precise and accurate connection to the shelf.

Our process is managed by professionals in the field who know, study and analyze the shelf situation to transmit the information through a network of systems that interact to bring the user a complete vision of the shelf situation and the points of continuous improvement.

This process, led by our powerful Market Audit Tool platform, achieves a balanced interaction between technology, human and systems that make up our renewed service platform: IntelliShelf.